I joined the Musayev family at their charming home in Nashville, Tennessee for a cozy session this spring. It began the way I think all mornings should begin, with family snuggles in bed. I love that the Musayev children, Olivia and Owen, even had matching pajamas – so sweet!! These portraits are the beautiful result of allowing space and time for moments to unfold naturally. As a photographer I know the best images are made when a family forgets the photographer is there and can simply be present with each other. There are some gorgeous images full of personality here, and it’s truly a testament to the loving and fun environment Rebecca and Musa create for their family.

After some snuggles and playtime, we headed outside for even more fun. The Musayevs love to spend time outside. They have a beautiful garden, a tree swing, and even some baby chicks to raise. This family is so intentional about building a life they love together. It’s clear that they care about creating a solid foundation for a beautiful future. They care about building a legacy. I’m so inspired by this family and their willingness to do the hard work to make this life both enjoyable and purposeful.

Thank you, Musayevs, for allowing me to capture a little slice of your life together. I pray these images will bring you joy as you look back at them over the years.


The Musayevs: An In-Home Family Session in Nashville, TN

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