Intimate, organic, warm, refined, and elegant.
I'm all about cozy sophistication.

my style

I’m a fine art photographer near Cleveland, Ohio. If you asked 3rd-grade Kate what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have said things like “architect, firefighter, or president” (a girl can dream, right?) As I got older, my answers changed to “I want to serve others” and “I want to make art.” Wedding photography combined those two desires into one beautiful career path that fits me just right. 

Now I spend my weekends documenting snuggles and kisses and eating more cake than I should. I also spend them crafting thoughtful, creative portraits to display your love like the work of art it is.  

hello, i'm kate!


My job is all about connection. I’m after your real, silly, romantic interactions because I believe the magic of your story rests in authentic, personal moments. I’ll help you move deeper - past the “Look here and smile,” past the stiff awkward poses - and into more authentic moments. Sure, I’ll get some traditional shots (grandma will want one to hang up, afterall), but my goal will always be to create portraits that reflect you honestly and thoughtfully.

my philosophy

My family farm was a playground, a classroom, and a sanctuary for me. It’s where I learned to appreciate the simple pleasures of life: bare feet, working hands, nature, and daydreams. Most importantly, it’s where I learned relationships with the people we love is the one of the greatest treasures we have. These values are woven into my soul. They propel me to create art that celebrates life, love, and all the things that really matter. After marrying Niko, we moved to the Cleveland area but the intimate, natural elements of the farm continue to influence my life and work. 

my inspiration

·    Browsing a farmer’s market
·    At a local coffee shop or cafe
·    Watching an Indian’s game
·    Stuffing our faces with Costco food samples
·    Quoting Psych or Parks and Rec.

I met my husband, Niko, during our freshman year at Ohio University. His dark, curly hair and jungle green eyes caught my attention, but his heart melted me. Even after seven years together, he’s a constant surprise. He’s my favorite dance partner, my sound advice, and the only person with a bigger sweet tooth than me. Marrying him was the easiest "yes" of my life. It’s with his profound support, forgiveness, and unwavering love that my job celebrating couples comes alive.

When we're not shooting weddings, you can find us: 


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