in-home Family Sessions

EMbracing IN-home Stories

Lifestyle Family Photographer

Why in-home family sessions? Well, your story lives where you do. Under your own roof is the place your family is most comfortable. This place is your safe place, your fun place, and your memory-making space. It’s where your personality lives and your family story unfolds each day. That’s what I’m after. If I’m going to capture your family, I mean really capture them through photos, we’re going to embrace the place where you are your most natural selves. 

There is so much joy, life, and ease in home sessions. Get bare-foot, have a family snuggle session, bake biscuits, or do a dance party in the bathroom. It’s all welcome. If you’re used to dress shoes and perfectly posed images with forced smiles, this might seem a little strange. But that’s kind of the point. There is beauty in everyday moments. Beauty in our real lives. That is where the magic unfolds.

Lifestyle Motherhood Photographer

Celebrating Maternity & Newborn 

It’s true what they say… the days are long, but the years go quickly. The flaky, peach fuzz covered baby skin, the tiny toes, the newborn hair… it never lasts as long as we think it will. As a lifestyle motherhood photographer, it’s my privilege to freeze those precious fleeting treasures for you to savor as your babies grow and change. 

Custom Heirloom Designs

The best part about receiving your images is holding them in your hands. As a full service photographer, I don’t stop at capturing your memories, I also design gorgeous custom albums and print products to showcase them in your home. Let’s treat your family story like the art it is!

To preserve your Story

Preferred Portrait Locations

Our favorite place to photograph your family is right in your own home but if an outdoor session is more your style, here are a few of our favorite locations.


Pack a picnic or play in the waves at this beach location

Mentor Headlands

Stroll around this gorgeous flower farm in Chagrin Falls

Museum of Art

Embrace the elegant charm of the art museum in University Circle

Ready to Bring Your Story to Life?