I knew from our very first conversation that the Griffith in-home family session was going to be something special. When Katie and I hopped on a video call to dream up what their session would be, I could sense the abundant gratitude in her heart for this family and the life they share. One thing was clear to me from the start, the Griffiths delight in time spent together.

My priority for all in-home family sessions is to create space and opportunities for a family to incorporate the things they love about their home life so we can capture the essence of who they are. The final product should be a true representation of each unique family. To do this, I spend a good bit of time getting to know a family’s story and collaborating with them to plan a session that celebrates who they are.

As Katie and I chatted about what the Griffiths truly value, the themes that arose over and over again were nearness and play. Whether its doing the ordinary tasks of keeping a household running or leaning into active fun, this family cherishes being close to one another. In light of that, we incorporated activities that embraced those two things. The boys love to jump on Katie and Joe’s bed, so we let them do just that! We also spent a few minutes playing in the sink, where the kids like to help wash dishes. These are some of my favorite family portraits taken so far. I love the simplicity and energy, but most of all, I love the joy in this family! They know their little life is a great big gift!

Thank you, Griffiths, for letting me celebrate some simple, meaningful moments with you. I hope these memories continue to bless you.


The Griffith Family: A Natural In-Home Family Session in Ashland, Oh

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