The Johnson’s in-home family session will forever be a special one for me because these are my very first in-home lifestyle portraits. I had one goal in my approach to this session, to capture all the comfort and joy of childhood. Lucy, Connor, and Caleb were the perfect siblings to bring that goal to life. They were the spark that made this family session vibrant from start to finish.

I love a in-home session because I get to step into a home already buzzing with activity. A family feels safe in their home to be their most natural selves. So, my job is to observe the beauty in the action and photograph in a way that brings that beauty to light. This was so easy with the Johnson family. The fun they have just being together creates a sweet and energetic home dynamic. The cuddles were natural. The mood was extra silly. The session was dynamic and full of life. I think these portraits reflect that.

Thank you, Johnsons, for allowing me to share an afternoon celebrating your personalities, story, and the love you have for each other. Thank you, also, to Stanley, the Bernese Mountain Dog, for being the sweet, cuddly, silly pup you are! I hope these portraits bring you joy and remind you what life looked and felt like in this season as the years pass by.


The Johnsons: A Cozy In-Home Family Session in Hudson, OH

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