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Mercedes pulled out their wedding album and we walked back through their day together. I couldn’t help but smile as we poured over the pages. Picture after picture, I remembered taking each one like it was yesterday. Suddenly they weren’t just photos in a book, they were vivid memories. The vows they wrote themselves, their […]

Mercedes & Daniel: A Columbus Anniversary at Whetstone Park of Roses & Ohio Statehouse


For the Bride

When I asked Logan and Zach, they said it only took about 6 months before they suspected they would end up together. Now, after a 3 year relationship, they only have 3 months left to wait until their wedding day! I’m so excited to celebrate these two! If you think Logan’s smile is big now, […]

Logan & Zach: A Spring Engagement at Goodale Park



I often get asked for advice about how to keep a marriage healthy. I meet a lot of newly engaged couples, and I’m always delighted when that question is asked. It’s so encouraging when a couple is proactive about building a strong marriage before their wedding day. Niko and I have only been married for […]

10 Hard Lessons I Learned About Maintaining a Healthy Marriage



My favorite conversations happen on lazy Saturday mornings. When the sun is peeking in the windows and the coffee is flowing, when there is nothing urgent to tend to and you’re with your favorite person – this is a recipe for magic in the everyday. In fact when Johnny Cash was asked his definition of […]

A Fine Art Breakfast in Bed Portrait Session



I’m always so overjoyed when a wedding brings me back to my hometown. It’s really beautiful to see people you’ve known most of your life grow up and grow in love. Josie rode my bus to school in elementary. It seems so crazy that we’re fully grown adults and now, wives. Josie and Josh were […]

Josie & Josh: A Sunny Spring Wedding in McCartyville


Wedding Stories

Inspiration for the Modern Boho Bride When my friend and fellow photographer, Amanda, asked to create a styled shoot with her, I was immediately on board. During this season, weddings are sparse so its fun to stretch your creative muscles and step into a new sort of challenge: styling. This shoot was  a great opportunity […]

Winter to Spring Bridal Inspiration


For the Bride

Despite the higher temperatures for the next couple of days, Fall is alive and well in Cleveland, Ohio. Brad and Shae were the epitome of Autumn romance during their engagement session at Squire’s Castle and Edgewater State Park last Saturday. I love their sweaters and Shae’s cute green scarf! As we walked along the shore […]

Shae & Brad: A Cleveland Engagement



I’m often asked about the kind of places I love to do portrait sessions. My answer? I have three: gardens, estates, and museums. I’m passionate about places that have a sense of history. I’m endlessly inspired by architecture. It’s the grandness of a space contrasted by gorgeous little details that get my heart pumping. When […]

Rebecca & Joe: An Autumn Cleveland Engagement



I could really get used to these Cincinnati engagements. Cleveland will always have my heart, but Cincinnati… you’re a treasure in your own right. This city shines and Kelsey and Keith shine right along with it. I can’t get enough of these two. From the moment we met at their client consultation, they felt like […]

Kelsey & Keith: A Cincinnati Engagement



Sometimes E-sessions are a weird experience. You hang out for a couple hours, get to know each other better, share stories,  form a deeper friendship… then you don’t see them again until the wedding day approaches. Nick and Becky are getting married next Spring, so it will be 9 months before I see them again. […]

Becky & Nick: An Eden Park Engagment