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Despite the higher temperatures for the next couple of days, Fall is alive and well in Cleveland, Ohio. Brad and Shae were the epitome of Autumn romance during their engagement session at Squire’s Castle and Edgewater State Park last Saturday. I love their sweaters and Shae’s cute green scarf! As we walked along the shore […]

Shae & Brad: A Cleveland Engagement



I’m often asked about the kind of places I love to do portrait sessions. My answer? I have three: gardens, estates, and museums. I’m passionate about places that have a sense of history. I’m endlessly inspired by architecture. It’s the grandness of a space contrasted by gorgeous little details that get my heart pumping. When […]

Rebecca & Joe: An Autumn Cleveland Engagement



I could really get used to these Cincinnati engagements. Cleveland will always have my heart, but Cincinnati… you’re a treasure in your own right. This city shines and Kelsey and Keith shine right along with it. I can’t get enough of these two. From the moment we met at their client consultation, they felt like […]

Kelsey & Keith: A Cincinnati Engagement



Sometimes E-sessions are a weird experience. You hang out for a couple hours, get to know each other better, share stories,  form a deeper friendship… then you don’t see them again until the wedding day approaches. Nick and Becky are getting married next Spring, so it will be 9 months before I see them again. […]

Becky & Nick: An Eden Park Engagment



Ashley and Cody were the first of two back-to-back Cincinnati couples I photographed this season. I was so excited to meet them and see Cincinnati through their eyes. Cincinnati is their home. They met there. They fell in love and created a space together there. I knew their heart for this place would be infectious, […]

Ashley & Cody: A Smale Riverfront Park Engagement



I don’t do family sessions often, but sweet families like the Armstrongs make me want to photograph more. Mary contacted me about an anniversary session a few months ago, and I was elated. Mary is a photographer, too, and I know all too well that photographers take a lot of photos of others and have […]

The Armstrongs



It’s impossible to hang out with Tiffany and Josh, even for a few minutes, and not get swept up in their enthusiasm for life, love, and joy. The moment they greet you and Tiffany pulls you into a hug, you’ll feel 10 pounds lighter and like a part of their family. That’s just who they […]

Tiffany & Josh: A Highbanks Metropark Anniversary



I’ll be honest… roaming through open fields is about 35% of the reason I chose this career. When Josie said she wanted their portraits taken in a wheat field, I knew we were a match made in heaven. I loved every second of photographing Josh and Josie on Sunday evening. Though we knew each other […]

Josie & Josh: A Lost Creek Reserve Engagement



I was so excited when Sarah reached out for an anniversary session. Growing up just down the road from each other was such a blessing. I don’t remember a time before I called Sarah a friend. She’s part of my earliest memories. Birthday parties, kickball games, and church recitals all included this sweet girl. Now, […]

Sarah & Luke – An Acacia Reservation Anniversary



This past Sunday, we sat down together at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, eating our cones and talking about Sydney and Ray’s relationship. Though they grew up in the same small town and went to the same small high school, they didn’t really know each other until after school. It took a little liquid courage and […]

Sydney & Ray – A Columbus Engagement