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From the moment I met Allie and Jake I knew we were a match made in heaven. As they talked about their vision for the wedding and engagement session, I grew more and more excited to serve them. It’s important to choose wedding vendors who get you and are compatible with your vision.   On […]

Allie & Jake: Cultural Gardens & Cleveland Museum of Art



If you scroll through this post you’ll notice right away how high-energy this group was all day. I love when a wedding feels like a celebration from the moment I get there. Time flies when you’re having fun, and this 9 hour day really flew.   My favorite part of the day came after the […]

Logan & Zach: A Rainy Sacred Heart Celebration


Wedding Stories

Get ready for rustic elegance because this wedding is full of it! I knew from the moment I met Ashley the Rolland’s celebration would be gorgeous from start to finish. Not only do these two sweet humans have great taste, Ashley is a designer. She put her hand and eye in every single detail. The […]

Ashley & Cody: A Buckeye Barn Celebration


Wedding Stories

Let’s get romantic!! When Casie and I began to chat about their vision for this engagement session, she said she loved the whimsical vibe of the lake and Tyler wanted a cityscape. We did a little bit of both, and I love how romantic each setting is in its own way. As we arrived at […]

Casie & Tyler: An Engagement at Edgewater and The Flats



JOY!! Briana and Kris are pure joy from head to toe! One quick glance through this blog post is all it takes to see their smiles and giggles are so genuine. Niko and I met up with Briana and Kristian at their apartment to begin this session with their sweet furry companion, Maggie. I heard […]

Briana & Kristian: A Scioto Mile Engagement



Warning: This a lengthy blog post, partly because I had a hard time narrowing down the moments I wanted to highlight and partly because I adore this couple. Nick and Becky officially became Mr. and Mrs. Conner on May 26th at the West Chester Presbyterian Church. They continued their sweet celebration at Muhlhauser Barn, a […]

Becky & Nick: A Celebration at Muhlhauser Barn


Wedding Stories

Dayton, Ohio has so much to offer – brick streets, historic homes, wrought iron fences, and gorgeous parks. It’s also home to Sami and Cody. When they inquired about an engagement session in the area, I was so excited to finally explore some new areas of the city I haven’t yet. (I’ve got a list […]

Sami & Cody: Engagement at the Oregon District & Cox Arboretum



There was a time in the early years of my business when I forgot the importance of personal projects. I forgot the joy the of dreaming something up and putting it to action. I forgot how special it is to make something just for yourself – to stretch you, to try new things, to better […]

Carrie & Christian: A Fine Art Cincinnati Styled Session


For the Bride

Prepare to swoon… Madison and Dan’s engagement at Inniswood Gardens Metropark is going to give you all the feels. From the soft golden-y light to the way Madison’s eyes pop right off the screen, this session looks like MAGIC. I’m not sure what it is about Madison and Dan that makes me adore them so […]

Madison & Dan: A Columbus Engagement at Inniswood Gardens



Niko and I met Julia and Andy in downtown Cleveland on one of the coldest and windiest days of Spring. Who could have guessed a Nor’easter would bring bone-chilling winds in May?! I even had to stop by a shop to grab a fleece jacket so I wouldn’t be shaking the entire evening. Still, we […]

Julia & Andy: A Downtown Cleveland Engagement