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Hi, I'm Kate Mannella! Though I am the artist behind the lens and the primary owner, this business is and always has been a labor of love for both my husband, Niko, and me. He is my firm support and loudest cheerleader, so you'll likely meet us both as you entrust us to honor your family story. Niko and I met and fell in love at Ohio University. Here we are over a decade later, still celebrating all the big and little moments together.

In 2022, we welcomed a little girl to our family. The journey of becoming parents to that sweet blessing moved me to begin photographing motherhood and families. It's a delight to capture families in every beautiful stage,  allowing them to cherish the love and joy growing in their own home through photographs. To play a small part in serving families - to help them savor togetherness - is what I'm all about. 

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Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. 
- CS Lewis

01. You treasure your family. You enjoy being with them, are grateful for them, and believe every second you invest in them is well worth it. 


02. You know your home is beautiful because it’s where the heart and soul of your family live. 


03. You don’t take yourselves too seriously. Your life might be chaotic at times, but it’s also full of joy, giggles, and love. 


04. You want the real thing. Your favorite photos capture what life really looks and feels like. 


05. You know there’s magic in the not so perfect moments - unposed bodies, real-life connection, and the natural flow of life together.


06. You want to remember this season - tummy tickles, squishy cheeks, the patter of little feet on the hardwood, or the way your babies get excited when daddy comes home. 


07. You spend much of your day giving selflessly to others, but you could use a good gift, too.

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