By creating space and giving just enough gentle direction to make you comfortable and confident, you have freedom to be fully present, savoring each moment of your wedding. From initial planning to your “I dos,” I’ll give you an excellent experience and create images that stir up the emotions you felt on your wedding day year after year. 

Thoughtfully Designed to Help you Savor Each Moment

My primary title is wedding photographer, but I’m also an experience guide. My job is to create a beautiful environment for you to relish each other.

the kate mannella wedding experience

the experience

the process

Once we’ve decided we’re all in, I can help you determine the package that best fits your needs. Then, with the proposal and contract taken care of, we will get back to the fun stuff (like planning your engagement session)!

seal the deal


Let’s get creative! Your engagement session is a celebration of the promise you’ve made to create a future together. As you announce this exciting step to your friends and family, I have the joy of visually preserving that anticipation and hope for you to keep forever. Whether you’re laid back or prefer to get all dressed up, together we will create the perfect setting to showcase your story in the best light. 

The Engagement Session


It’s 4-6 weeks before your wedding day! Hopefully you aren’t lost in final decision-making, centerpieces, and seating charts, but if you are, I’m here to help. Your timeline is the foundation for designing a stress-free wedding day so you can be more present to enjoy it all! Together we’ll create a timeline that helps organize your day, prioritizes what matters to you, and makes the most of your celebration.

create a timeline


No more decisions, planning, or anticipation! The day you’ve been waiting for is here! You will wake up as two single individuals and go to bed a committed, married couple. I can’t wait to help you preserve all the memories you make in-between. I’ll blend in the background when you need time to be present and step forward when it’s time to make moments. Most importantly, I’ll create a thoughtful, authentic, visual story to help you relive your wedding day for a lifetime. 

You Say “I do.”



The Kate Mannella couple values photography and knows their photos will hold onto the magic of their day forever. 


They care about building a healthy marriage as well as a beautiful wedding. They aren’t just about a party, they’re about a lifelong partnership. 


They care more about being in the moment than about perfectly staged poses. 


They radiate joy and thoughtfulness and care well for the people around them. 


They’re classics. They value timeless over trendy photographs.


They want wedding photos that tell a story. They will make time for pictures of the details, because they know they matter, too. 


They know there is no substitute for quality. 


They love the look of soft, natural light and choose great portrait locations to achieve that look. 


They know images don’t just document a moment, they evoke a feeling.


They’re ready to dance, cry, kiss, snuggle and savor their first day as a married couple!

Wondering if we’re a good fit? Here are 10 characteristics of the couples we adore. 

Who is the Kate Mannella Couple?? 

What are you waiting for? 

I know your wedding isn’t just one day or one party, it’s an experience worth celebrating well.

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