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In my experience, the most successful married couples are made up of individuals who seek to serve instead of being served. That’s why I love meeting clients who not only desire to serve their spouse, but truly believe they can serve the world better together than apart. If you enjoy blessing others, here are 7 ways you can use your wedding as a platform to serve.  

7 Ways to Serve Others on Your Wedding Day


For the Bride

Weddings are incredibly remarkable. More than just a party, weddings are a declaration. They are an announcement that two people are choosing to walk, hand in hand, into an unknown future. Those two people make the choice to a lifetime together – a lifetime of supporting each other’s dreams and creating new ones, of encouraging each other’s best and accepting their worst, and of leaving behind an old self to become something entirely new. These are some of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer.

My Favorite Meaningful Wedding Trends


For the Bride