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Spring came early for me last week as I headed down to sunny Nashville for the Julie Paisley Cottage Workshop. It was such an incredible experience to be surrounded with beautiful, talented, and successful boss babes from all over the country. Their knowledge and insight about business challenged and inspired me from the first day […]

Julie Paisley Cottage Workshop



This winter I’ve had the pleasure of attending 2 incredible workshops – The Phellowship in December and The Styled Series last weekend. Attending workshops was an important goal for me in order to keep growing on the off-season. Workshops offer opportunities to engage with other photographers and local vendors, gain education, and practice new things. […]

The Styled Series



As a part of our desire to live an intentional life, Niko and I are consciously creating a life of systems (thought-out rituals to make our daily lives easier). I don’t know if it’s because I’m maturing, or perhaps because I’m a natural scatterbrain used to living a chaotic existence, but I’m finding new life and  joy in creating daily systems. Because implementing systems is such a novel experience for me, I’m often surprised that so many put-together adults have had well-oiled systems in place for years.

Building a Life of Systems