About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Kate, a light and airy wedding photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I was a little girl I’ve loved expressing creativity and connecting with people. Now I have a career that allows me to do both. I’m so grateful for this job that gives me freedom to communicate love stories through photographs.

While I love adventure, my favorite moments are snuggling on the couch with my husband, Niko, listening to music or watching reruns of Parks and Rec. I’m obsessed with soft dreamy light, rolling hills, greenhouses, flowy dresses, and soft color palettes. When I’m not shooting weddings or portrait sessions, Niko and I are usually browsing a farmer’s market, trying out a local coffee shop, or stuffing our faces with Costco food samples.  Who can resist free food?!


I love the whimsy and romance of French Impressionist paintings from artists like Monet and Degas. They have been inspirational in finding my own style and voice. You will notice my work plays up pastels, soft lighting, and movement. I love the feeling of dreaminess an image evokes when those elements are combined.


I believe love stories are unique and special. That’s why I do my best to bring out and celebrate the personalities of my couples. Few things are more beautiful than photographs that capture who you really are. Your quirks, your mannerisms, your emotions, the way you interact as a couple.. they all work together to display your love in a real, authentic way. My approach for each wedding or portrait session is to give enough direction to create an environment for beautiful images while giving you freedom to interact naturally.

Your wedding day is sacred. I believe your photographs should be timeless, romantic, and organic so when you look back on your celebration years later, you remember how you truly looked and felt in those moments.

I also love documenting the details of a wedding day. The invitations, the dress, the necklace your mom gave you, or even the groom’s goofy socks – they all play a part in unveiling the personality of your wedding day. Details are not only lovely, they are part of your story and should be given some room to shine. When we combine your details with your portrait images, we see a fuller picture of who you are.


Want to know more? Here are some other things I love.