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Friends, family, and sweet dog, Peggy, gathered together to celebrate Amanda and Ethan’s Spring wedding at Jorgensen Farms Historic Barn. This blog post is a brief glimpse at some of my favorite moments. Truthfully, I had trouble choosing the images to use because every picture is so full of joy and authentic emotion. That’s especially true of Amanda and Ethan’s “first touch.”

A first touch is a meeting between the bride and groom before their ceremony begins. The couple can’t see each other, but has the opportunity to hold hands and talk. Amanda and Ethan chose to exchange gifts, read letters they wrote to each other, and pray together. To say the tears were flowing is no exaggeration. Amanda and Ethan experienced all the emotions they were feeling so freely. It was almost hard to leave each other and wait for their ceremony to begin. Their first touch was so sweet that even I welled up, and I’ve shot a lot of weddings.

Another thing I loved about the Valentine’s wedding day is all the personal details they wove throughout their celebration. My favorite was their blue suede shoes – a tribute to Memphis, where they met and fell in love. Scroll down to see more of the sweet moments and special details below!

Amanda & Ethan – You are sweetness, wisdom, joy, and fun personified. I’m so privileged to have met and celebrated you this past year. I truly hope we’ll get to meet again someday! Thank you for all you have done and all you are. Love you, Valentines – Kate

For more photos of Amanda and Ethan, check out their charming German Village engagement here.


Amanda & Ethan: A Jorgensen Farm Celebration



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