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Briana & Kristian were married this past Saturday at Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres. Bella Amore looks like a luxury stone castle in the heart of Tuscany. Not only is it the picture of romance, it was also the perfect venue to bring this bride and groom’s story full circle. Briana and Kristian first locked eyes during a study abroad program in Florence, Italy. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, home to some of the world’s most beautiful art and architecture. It’s also the city where Briana and Kris embarked on a lifetime kind of love. 

What I’ve learned about Briana and Kristian over the last 2 years, is there is no obstacle they can not overcome together. After their study abroad program ended, these two embraced long distance. They took bus trips across state lines to spend time together. When Covid-19 threatened their wedding celebration, they postponed their dream day. They’ve experienced so many twists and turns. With each one, they’ve gained an even stronger foundation. Briana and Kristian are experts at rolling with the punches. I’ve been so moved by the way they handle this crazy life together, never missing an opportunity to focus on the joy! 

Scroll down to see a few special moments from Briana and Kristian’s long-awaited, snowy, Italy-inspired celebration.

Briana & Kris – Goodness! How I’ve loved each moment spent getting to know you! I’m almost sad your wedding is over, because now I have no excuse to see you. Still, I’m overjoyed that you are finally and officially the husband and wife you are meant to be. Congratulations, dear friends! Enjoy that sweet, sweet newlywed life! – Love, Kate


Briana & Kris: A Snowy Wedding at Bella Amore


  1. Windi Ackerman says:

    It’s like the most beautiful fairytale wedding ❤️


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