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Stuart planned the ultimate surprise proposal. Shawnie walked outside their Crossfit gym for what she thought was a final stretch. Little did she know, Stuart coordinated their coaches and friends to help set the scene for the moment he would get down on one knee. When Shawnie left for their workout that morning, she had no idea her life would change at the end of class. What began as normal morning together, a regular CrossFit workout, became so much more.  

It’s so special to make an ordinary morning, doing an activity they enjoy together, the setting of such an extraordinary gesture. That’s what I love about marriage. Being committed to loving your best friend can make a lifetime of ordinary activities feel pretty remarkable.

I joined Shawnie & Stuart at Inniswood MetroGarden to celebrate this special season. Check out their Engagement Session portraits below.

Shawnie & Stuart – I could spend hours documenting the ways you love, interact, and tease each other. Every moment I’ve spent photographing you has been so natural. It was evident from the first 5 minutes of this session that you are committed partners and trusted friends. I’m so excited to document the day you are finally married at Lane57 Farm this Fall. – Love, Kate


Shawnie & Stuart: Inniswood Gardens Engagement



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