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Mitchell turned around to see his bride, Hannah, for the first time and tears immediately filled his eyes. They laughed and kissed, and once again I was reminded why I love first looks. The first time Hannah and Mitchell saw each other, they had so much time and freedom to soak up the moment. They were able to express exactly how they were feeling without limitation. What a priceless interaction! 

When Hannah walked down the aisle to marry her groom, Mitchell’s eyes filled with tears all over again. Does it get any sweeter?? 

Seeing each other for the first time at the aisle is a beautiful tradition, beloved by many of my couples. Still, I always remember Hannah and Mitchell’s first look and how they got to experience that joy twice! 


Hannah & Mitchell – Your wedding day at Weymouth Country Club was picturesque, but nothing was more beautiful than the unbridled display of your love, respect, and affection for each other.  I’m so thankful I was able to play small part in preserving those special moments! What a blessing it’s been to get to know and celebrate you! – Kate


For even more photos of Hannah and Mitchell, check out their coffee shop Engagement Session right here.


Hannah & Mitchell: A Celebration at Weymouth



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