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Stephanie and Trevor’s wedding at the White Birch Barn in Medina looked nothing like they planned. Their big party turned into a small celebration with just immediate family. Their full day event was reduced to a few hours. While their celebration wasn’t the grand party they originally envisioned, the declaration of their promise to each other was certainly magnified. There were no distractions. Just love on full display.

Who could have predicted the world would be turned upside down in matter of months? Covid-19 changed everything. The way we shop, work, learn, interact and… the way we get married.

When I woke up on the morning of the Oldham’s wedding day, my work routine looked so different. I slept in. I drank my coffee while it snowed outside (YES. SNOW in MAY). Before I packed up our gear and left (with mask in hand), I had time to reflect on just how much has changed. Normal wedding days can be hectic. They are long and chaotic. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the chaos, but there was something really special about knowing this day would be simple, sweet, and 100% focused on Stephanie and Trevor’s decision to begin their family’s next chapter.

These two best friends, parents, and sweethearts made their vows to each other in front of less than 12 people. Regardless of the size, their celebration was full of emotion. Stephanie and Trevor chose to press forward. They chose to celebrate their love, no matter what it looked like, and they will continue to choose love everyday after. There is no celebration more beautiful than that.


Congratulations, Oldhams!! This is just the beginning of celebrating your marriage! I can’t wait to honor your commitment with ALL your loved ones again next May! – Kate


Stephanie & Trevor: A Beautiful Small Ceremony



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