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Madison and Dan’s wedding at Combustion Brewery and Taproom was the picture of simplicity and elegance.

Combustion Brewery is an industrial venue. It has big metal windows that let in streams of natural light. The walls are covered with teal and gold wall tiles. Madison and Dan played up the beauty of the venue by choosing a rich Fall color scheme. You’ll notice the bridesmaids are in mismatched hues of terra cotta, gold, sage, and maroon. They really pop against those brewery walls. Everything about Madison and Dan’s celebration was both beautifully curated and simple. It set the tone for a magical and meaningful display of their love.

I never feel like I have words to describe the overwhelming beauty of two souls promising their hearts to each other forever. That’s especially true for Madison and Dan. Maybe it’s because I’ve adored this couple from our first interaction. Maybe it’s because I admire how well these two take care of each other, both physically and emotionally. Maybe it’s a combination of things. What I know is that Madison and Dan’s wedding was a powerful statement that real love affects us, changes us, and transforms us into kinder, gentler people. Love reaches out and actively cares for the people around us. These two, especially, care for their friends and family so well.


Madison & Dan – Your friendship over the last year or so has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for inviting me into your life. I pray these photos are an accurate and beautiful representation of the deep love within you. When you look at them, may they continually stir up your affection for each other all the years of your life. Hugs! – Kate  


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Madison & Dan: Combustion Brewery Celebration



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