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It was a cold, rainy Autumn day when we arrived at Kingwood Center Gardens for Hannah and Reese’s engagement session. Kingwood is a large estate surrounded by acres of gardens, fountains, and manicured lawns. With the misty rain all around us, the estate looked like it could be straight out of the English countryside. It was lovely, romantic, and such a beautiful location for two hearts planning a life together.


Hannah and Reese met at church and felt a strong connection right away. They love to do active things on dates. They enjoy hiking, biking, and long walks. They have up-for-anything personalities. It should have been no surprise to me when forecast predicted rain all day, they weren’t nervous. Most people would reschedule with a forecast like that, but Hannah and Reese embraced it. It really paid off.


With Kingwood mostly to ourselves, we had a quiet environment to really get to know them better. It also made their snuggles that much more sincere. Snuggles kept them warm!


Hannah & Reese – Niko and I can’t wait to see you again in May when you officially become Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne. We’re counting down the days until your celebration at Faith Bible Church and La Pizzaria. What a special moment it will be when you share your first kiss as husband and wife! – Kate



Hannah & Reese: Rainy Engagement at Kingwood



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