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Erin and Cody waited patiently for the Lord to provide each other. When they officially started dating, it wasn’t long until they knew they would end up together. It was roughly 4 hours into their 10 hour first date when they felt they would probably end up together.  Yes! You read that right, their first date lasted 10 hours. Erin and Cody love to spend time together.  They also love Autumn. In fact, they love Autumn so much, Cody planned a day full of Autumn activities to propose to Erin. Here’s the story….


Cody and Erin began the best day ever with brunch. They ate at a quaint restaurant in Hartville. They shopped for antiques. They walked around at Maize Valley and visited with the goats and chickens. Then, Cody took Erin to his Grandpa’s house to pick apples. What Erin didn’t know was the trees hadn’t fruited yet. With buckets in hand, they set out to the field where Cody got down on one knee and asked Erin to be his wife. After Erin said yes, Cody had one last beautiful surprise for her. He planned a bonfire with their closest friends. Together they ate s’mores, drank apple cider, and set off a sky lantern to commemorate the night. What a celebration!!


Because Erin and Cody love Autumn, we stuck with the theme for their engagement session at Petros Park. The trees hadn’t fully changed, but there were still brilliant golds and reds in the trees around them. Scroll down to see a glimpse of our fun together.


Erin & Cody – I’ve been so blessed to get an up-close-and-personal look at the way you love each other. Intentional, thoughtful, willing to serve… Your hearts overflow with these qualities. I’m thrilled to capture the moment you exchange vows and commit to each other for life. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and fill you with joy as you await your wedding at Water’s Edge Vineyard this May! – Kate


Erin & Cody: Petros Park Engagement



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