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The aim of every engagement session is to choose a location that matches the couple’s personality and style. Stephanie and Trevor are getting married at the White Birch Barn in Medina, and they wanted to keep a rustic vibe for their E-session. After thinking through a few options, they picked the perfect place. OARDC in Wooster has both rustic and garden elements, and it was a great fit for their sophisticated, rustic style.


When we arrived, we headed straight for the little stone cottage because it was surrounded by beautiful evening light. From there, the park became a wonderland full of new surprises the farther back we walked. A rose garden, gravel paths, and tall grasses were little gems waiting for us to find them. As we were getting to know the park, we also had plenty of down-time while we walked to get to know Stephanie and Trevor.


Stephanie and Trevor are a couple after my own heart. I asked them what they like to do on dates. They said they love coffee dates, baseball games, going to state parks, and eating cheeseburgers. Niko and I likely would have made that exact list if we were asked the same question. Because of their love of coffee, Stephanie and Trevor created their own little coffee date right there in the park. Cute mugs and a white blanket really made this part of their E-session extra cute and cozy. I was sure to add plenty of that sweet personal touch to this gallery.


Stephanie & Trevor – I love that I can continue to get to know you as we prepare for your celebration this Spring. Stephanie, though I’ve known you for a while this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get to know your sweet heart. It’s such a privilege to do so. You both are so deeply caring. I’m thrilled to be a small part of celebrating this next step in the history of your family! – Kate


Stephanie & Trevor: Garden Engagement at OARDC



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