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Emily and John are a big ball of light. They radiate joy. They’re playful, fun-loving, and full of surprises. In fact, when I asked John what his favorite quality about Emily is, he said, “Emily spreads love so easily. She is unconditional joy.” I can’t think of a more accurate statement to describe them both.


An engagement session is just a tiny glimpse of what a relationship looks like. After two hours with John and Emily, I saw not only the silliness they bring out in each other but how special that quality is in a relationship. Laughter and joy bring us out of the stresses and occasional heartache of our world and into a place with light and life. A relationship with the right person is a source of stability, support, and fun. I see so much of that in these two.  From stealing licks of each other’s ice cream to dancing in fields of flowers, Emily and John embraced fun every second.


Emily and John’s E-session started at a local ice cream shop in Chardon called King Kone. In a way that shop brought them together. John worked for Emily’s cousin at King Kone in High School. If you haven’t been there, you definitely need to go. Bring your appetite, though, because the portions really are king-sized! They also have a huge variety of fun flavors and treats, including some amazing seasonal sundaes.


After the ice cream shop, we went to John’s parents house for some backyard portraits. If you look at the photos and think they were taken in a park, it’s because their backyard is a magical garden! It’s filled with goldenrods in autumn. Scroll down to see how amazing it truly was!


Emily & John – You two epitomize joie de vivre, and I can’t wait to see how that joy increases on the day you vow to be together forever. I have no doubt your wedding at Sapphire Creek Winery will be an incredible display of love and delight. Can it be October already?! – Kate


Emily & John: A Goldenrod Engagement



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