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High school sweethearts, Kristin and Tyler, are just that – SWEETHEARTS! We went to the same high school, but I never had an opportunity to really know these two because of our age difference. This engagement session was the first chance we had to spend one on one time together. The first thing I noticed about Tyler and Kristin is they are both quiet and gentle in nature. The second we started talking, though, I noticed they are also SO engaging, sincere, and warm in conversation. The two hours flew by and through it all, I felt like they truly cared about our time together. They listened with intention and were so present and in the moment. That is such a unique quality.


I asked Kristin and Tyler what they like most about each other. Kristin said she loves how caring Tyler is and how he always makes her smile. You’ll see a lot of those genuine smiles in their portraits! Tyler said he loves how driven and ambitious Kristin is. These two are a power couple – strong, smart, sweet, down-to-earth, and precious in every way. I’m so excited to see the ways those qualities will serve them in marriage.


Check out their early fall engagement session below! The portraits were taken at a beautiful family-owned property in the country.


Kristin & Tyler – I can’t wait for it to finally be your day! I just know your Fall wedding at the Buckeye Barn will not only bring out the beautiful, rustic style you love, it will bring out so much joy!! I’m thrilled you asked me to celebrate in that joy with you! You two are such a delight. – Kate



Kristin & Tyler: A Backyard Engagement



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