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I met Cassie and Brandon at a coffee shop almost one year ago. They were in the beginning steps of planning their Fall wedding. From our very first meeting, I could tell they were so easy to talk to. I think it’s because they really embrace and love to share their passions. As we sipped our coffee, we started chatting about the things they love to do together.


Cassie and Brandon love listening to audiobooks and reading. They bonded over Lord of the Rings when they began dating, so they plan to sprinkle a little of that fantasy into their wedding décor. (You will probably notice a little LOTR in a couple of their portraits below.) They also love hiking! They’re inspired by travel and being outdoors. Cassie especially loves pine trees. She chose Orchard Hill Park for their engagement session because it has big pine trees sprinkled throughout it. Orchard Hill is a park attached to Patterson’s Fruit Farm in Chesterland, Ohio. It also has apple trees, a big pond, and a lot of tall grass. There is so much to look at and explore as you walk on the trails. This location really suited them well.


After exploring the park, we headed to downtown Chagrin Falls for our remaining time together. We took photos at the iconic Chagrin locations like down by the falls and in front of the popcorn shop. It’s so cute, especially in the evening as the light starts to fade. Check out all the fun we had together.


Cassie & Brandon – The internet it an incredible thing, isn’t it? Not only did it bring you two together (shout out to you, Tinder), it also connected us. I’m so happy it did. I’ve loved getting to know you personally, talking about your travels and bands we both love, like Paper Kites. I can’t wait for your Fall wedding at Perry Community Center, and I’m so excited to see how your relaxed garden party theme blends with your love of Lord of the Rings. It’s going to be an epic and beautiful celebration! – Kate



Cassie & Brandon: Orchard Hill Park Engagement



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