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Paige and Justin met in a Business Law class at Baldwin Wallace University. We headed back to their Alma Mater for their engagement session last July. As we walked around the university, Paige and Justin reminisced on stories from that season together. They pointed out the buildings they had classes in, the dorms they lived in, and the places they frequently spent their time. It truly felt like Niko and I were getting a glimpse into a special aspect of their relationship.


I knew Paige and Justin were sweet, kind, smart (they’re both accountants), and level-headed, but what I learned during our time together is they are BOTH so fun-loving. They love traveling, spending time in the sunshine, and celebrating life with friends and family. Their love of fun was especially evident on their wedding day just a couple months later! Stay tuned to see their gorgeous, high-energy celebration at St. Adelbert and the Lakewood Country Club coming soon!



Paige & Justin: Baldwin Wallace Engagement



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