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Tallmadge_Ohio_Historic_Church_Summer_Wedding_Photograph_Vince_Larissa_Kate_MannellaIt’s a small world. Larissa reached out to me early last year after she found my business online. Even though we were strangers, it felt like we already knew each other. Maybe that’s because our paths had already crossed once before.


Niko and I met Larissa’s brother, Arlin, while we were in undergrad at Ohio University. After graduation, we attended his wedding where Larissa was a bridesmaid. As if that coincidence weren’t enough, Niko and I ended up in her hometown. These little threads wove our stories together before we even met.


Larissa and Vince were married last August at the historic church in Tallmadge, Ohio. It’s the oldest church building in Ohio still used for religious services, and it’s beautiful. It has a gorgeous chapel blue interior and a big white steeple. It’s also filled with natural light, making it an ideal location for bright, airy photographs. Their reception was across the street at the Venue Banquet Center. Larissa and Vince blended the ballroom feel of the space with a bold, natural theme by using a bright teal color palette and daisies and baby’s breath for the florals. It was a perfect mix of elegant ballroom and the outdoors.


Of all the receptions I’ve photographed, this was one of the most fun! It was a party from start to finish. Nearly every guest was on the dance floor. I think it’s because Larissa and Vince’s love and laughter are contagious. They bring the fun everywhere they go. You’ll notice I included more photos of the reception than normal, but I just couldn’t help myself.


Larissa & Vince – Congratulations again! I’m overjoyed our paths crossed! Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and allowing us to celebrate your incredible Day 1 of marriage. Your smiles are a BIG bright light, and everyone lucky enough to witness your wedding experienced that joy! I’m praying that joy is a constant pillar in your lives together. – Kate 


Larissa & Vince: A Historic Tallmadge Celebration


  1. Absolutely amazing beautiful! So happy we got to be part of their day. Thank you for sharing. ❤️ The Venue


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