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Taylor and Dillon have a pretty remarkable relationship because they’ve already done some amazing things together. First, they survived a couple years of long distance. Then, they packed up and moved across the world to New Zealand. Talk about ADVENTURE. These two know what it means to leave the familiar behind and set out to create a new life together. I love this couple’s daring, adventurous, up-for-anything spirit. More than that, I love that they choose to live their life of adventure hand in hand.


Taylor and Dillon traveled back to southern Ohio for their engagement session this summer. We had so much fun exploring some old and new parts of the area together. First, we met across the river in Covington, KY. We found old cobblestone streets, wrought iron fences, and some gorgeous backyard gardens. There were charming nooks everywhere we turned. I think it’s become my favorite new portrait location. Then we walked a little farther to the iconic Roebling Bridge. That turquoise metal bridge and the Cincinnati skyline make the perfect pair. I never get tired of shooting here. It looks different but equally magical in every season. Finally, we headed to Alms Park for an amazing view above the river at sunset.


Taylor & Dillon – It was such a fun, easy-going evening together! I’ve loved getting to know you as a couple and seeing a sneak peek of what your relationship is like every day. This is what I learned. You choose joy, you choose adventure, and you choose to look at life with such positivity. I can’t wait until you choose each other at Holy Cross Immaculata and The Monastery Event Center in September. I can already tell it will be a celebration to remember!! – Kate




Taylor & Dillon: Covington, KY and Alms Park



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