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If you scroll through this post you’ll notice right away how high-energy this group was all day. I love when a wedding feels like a celebration from the moment I get there. Time flies when you’re having fun, and this 9 hour day really flew.


My favorite part of the day came after the ceremony. We headed to a beautiful one-room schoolhouse owned and remodeled by friends of the family. It was such a unique portrait location and because Logan is an educator, it was fitting to tie in her love of teaching. This group was up for anything. It started raining halfway through portraits and Zach and Logan truly embraced it. They cuddled, kissed, laughed, and danced as it poured. They even tossed their umbrellas by the end.


I think most of us worry what a rainy wedding will bring. These two proved you can have just as much fun and just as many beautiful images when you embrace the day exactly as it comes.


Logan & Zach – It’s been such a privilege getting to know you this year. I could photograph your playful, natural interactions all day, every day. You two bring me and all the people who love you so much joy! Enjoy life as newlyweds! – Kate


Click here to see Logan & Zach’s engagement session at Goodale Park last Spring.


Logan & Zach: A Rainy Sacred Heart Celebration



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