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Get ready for rustic elegance because this wedding is full of it! I knew from the moment I met Ashley the Rolland’s celebration would be gorgeous from start to finish. Not only do these two sweet humans have great taste, Ashley is a designer. She put her hand and eye in every single detail. The layers of fabric hanging from the barn beams, the black velvet table linen, the gold accents… they all came together to create a sophisticated, upscale backdrop for the Rolland’s celebration. Not only was it perfectly executed, this celebration was also so full of emotion, personality, and heart. My favorite personal details were their printed wedding vows and large canvas photos of their pup, Lou, at the entrance. It was a truly magical day.

I anticipated how lovely the Buckeye Barn would look, but one thing I couldn’t anticipate was the storm we were about to experience. Crazy wind and torrential downpours made this day memorable for an entirely different reason. It was loud. It was dark. It was a beast of a storm, and it lasted most of the day and all through the night. What surprised me most was even though a storm was raging outside, Ashley and Cody were perfectly calm and content together. From the moment they saw each other, everything else melted away.

After their ceremony, the rain stopped just long enough to do their family portraits, a few wedding party portraits, and bride and groom portraits outside. It was still wet and cloudy but because of the rain, the grass and trees were a VIBRANT green. The wind even made some epic veil shots (my favorite of the day, by far).

Sometimes life surprises us and sometimes those surprises create moments that are even more magical than we anticipated.


Ashley & Cody – Thanks so much for allowing me to share the day with you. I’ve loved getting to know and appreciate how beautiful, deeply caring, and creative you are. Your love for each other, your family, and Lou is so apparent in everything you do. One thing I know for sure is just like your wedding day, your life will be FULL of adventure. I’m overjoyed you get to live it hand in hand. – Kate


Click here to see Ashley and Cody’s engagement at Smale Riverfront Park.


Ashley & Cody: A Buckeye Barn Celebration



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