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Let’s get romantic!!

When Casie and I began to chat about their vision for this engagement session, she said she loved the whimsical vibe of the lake and Tyler wanted a cityscape. We did a little bit of both, and I love how romantic each setting is in its own way.

As we arrived at Edgewater Beach, it was the most crowded I’ve ever seen. Everyone flocked to the lake on one of the first really hot days of the year. As soon as we started shooting, though, it was like Casie and Tyler were the only people there. The connection between these two is just so magnetic. All other distractions melted away, and I couldn’t help but want to snag every single second of their interactions. Other beach goers were drawn to them, too. They received so many congratulations and “oohs” and “ahhs.” A sweet pup even dropped its frisbee at Casie’s feet, hoping to play. The wind and waves showed up and showed off to make this location an ultra romantic stage for these sweet lovebirds. I can’t get enough of their sandy toes and the way the wind made Casie’s dress and hair dance around the frame!

Then we headed to The Flats for one of the best views of Cleveland! I really love the photos of Tyler holding Casie at this location. You can tell she feels so comfortable in his arms, completely trusting him to support her. As I got to know them a little better throughout the evening, it was their support of each other that made me appreciate this relationship most. They talked about how they’re both in the medical field and how that’s made them so understanding and compassionate toward each other. As they were speaking, I thought, “I see it now! That unspoken magical thing that makes their connection so special is their trust and willingness to support each other.” With their dreams, goals, ambitions, hobbies… they freely offer their love and support and it radiates in all they do together!

Casie & Tyler –  You are stunning, inside and out. You make a cloudy evening at Lake Erie look like a magical trip to the coast! Thank you for your adventurous spirits, your willingness to get playful (and a little cold and wet), and your sweet, tender hearts. I’m so excited to continue to get to know you as you prepare for your romantic, elegant wedding at Gervasi Vineyard next year!  – Kate


Casie & Tyler: An Engagement at Edgewater and The Flats



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