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JOY!! Briana and Kris are pure joy from head to toe! One quick glance through this blog post is all it takes to see their smiles and giggles are so genuine.

Niko and I met up with Briana and Kristian at their apartment to begin this session with their sweet furry companion, Maggie. I heard all about Maggie during our meet-up in February, but nothing could prepare me for how my heart melted upon meeting her. Maggie is the sweetest, most mellow pup I’ve ever met. As I started taking portraits, Maggie was either all smiles or all sass (scroll down to the photo of her being held for reference). She certainly has attitude in the best sense of the word.

Afterward, we headed to the Scioto Mile. The city was so alive that evening. It was busier than normal with Columbus’ first annual Rhythm on the River Music Festival. Briana and Kris were so cute, dancing along as we transitioned from place to place. I love their energy!! I can’t wait to see how their vibrant personalities shine on their wedding day!


Briana and Kris- You are a breath of fresh air! You make my job so easy and fun! I’m already overwhelmed with love and appreciation for you two. I’m so excited for your big day at Bella Amore at Enchanted Acres in April! What a HAPPY day that will be! – Kate


Briana & Kristian: A Scioto Mile Engagement



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