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Niko and I met Julia and Andy in downtown Cleveland on one of the coldest and windiest days of Spring. Who could have guessed a Nor’easter would bring bone-chilling winds in May?! I even had to stop by a shop to grab a fleece jacket so I wouldn’t be shaking the entire evening. Still, we had so much fun exploring The Flats and surrounding areas together. Julia and Andy live in Wisconsin and have a boat they enjoy taking out. I love that The Flats offers lovely views of the Cuyahoga River to reflect their passion for being near water.

I have to say… I’m a wedding photographer so obviously I meet a lot of couples in love. I’m always struck most by the couples who not only love each other, but really LIKE each other. Andy and Julia are the best example. I could tell from the moment I met them their friendship runs so deep. They met in high school and have known each other for a long time, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by the comfortable, grown-up-together, effortless vibe they carry around with them. Even still, I was blown away by their authenticity and genuine ease.

When Julia and Andy first hired me to photograph their wedding, I asked them what their favorite quality is about each other. Julia answered, “Andy’s sense of humor and smile. He’s rarely serious, and I appreciate his goofy-ness.” Andy answered, “How deeply Julia cares for me and others around us.” I think those qualities radiate from them in these engagement photos. I love their natural smiles and giggles and the way they look into each other’s eyes. They really have a profound respect and appreciation for one another. Don’t you think?


Julia and Andy – thank you for a beautiful, chilly, wonderful evening! You are a joy to be around!  Your laid-back, easy-going personalities make each moment spent with you calm and relaxing. I CAN’T WAIT for your wedding at the Lake Erie Building in August. I know it will be so special and meaningful and, of course, so much fun! – Kate




Julia & Andy: A Downtown Cleveland Engagement



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