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Mercedes pulled out their wedding album and we walked back through their day together. I couldn’t help but smile as we poured over the pages. Picture after picture, I remembered taking each one like it was yesterday. Suddenly they weren’t just photos in a book, they were vivid memories. The vows they wrote themselves, their first dance, wandering through the vineyard, the party afterward – we relived each part of the day, and I felt so grateful for these friends and they way the trust me to show up for those important moments in their story.

It’s been almost a year since Mercedes and Daniel married at Wolf Mountain Vineyards in Dahlonega, Georgia. Their lives are continually changing as they live out this adventure together, but one thing is so consistent: their joy. Mercedes and Daniel are PURE joy. They love living life hand in hand, and its so evident in all the photos I take of them. They make the best team. They cheer each other on. They offer continual support, and they remember that life is more fun together. Each time I leave them, I feel so encouraged by the way they love.

Mercedes & Daniel – I know I say it when I’m with you, but I’ll say it a thousand times, you two are a treasure!  Thank you for all the ways you’ve poured into my life and business. Thank you for friendship and kindness toward me over the years. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. And last but certainly not least, thank you for letting me fawn over Vinny when my puppy fever gets out of control! Congratulations on a big, beautiful year together!! Here’s to so many more! – Kate


Mercedes & Daniel: A Columbus Anniversary at Whetstone Park of Roses

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