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When I asked Logan and Zach, they said it only took about 6 months before they suspected they would end up together. Now, after a 3 year relationship, they only have 3 months left to wait until their wedding day! I’m so excited to celebrate these two! If you think Logan’s smile is big now, just wait until she’s officially Mrs. Watercutter!


It was a chilly, rainy, and cloudy day, but when I met Logan and Zach for their engagement session at Goodale Park, it felt like the perfect Spring evening. The trees were blooming. There were bright petals sprinkled all over the park. The sun even peeked out for about 15 minutes, creating a beautiful soft glow over the pond. These happy colors made the best backdrop for a really happy couple! The happiest face, though, was Lucy’s, their lovable pup. Dog lovers, rejoice… there are some really cute puppy pictures.


Logan & Zach – I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get to know you as a couple. You radiate joy when you’re together and, not only does that make my job easy, it makes my heart so, so happy. I enjoyed each second of watching you two interact. Your naturally silly and chill personalities blend effortlessly. I can’t wait until July when I can finally call you husband and wife! 


Logan & Zach: A Spring Engagement at Goodale Park



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