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My favorite conversations happen on lazy Saturday mornings. When the sun is peeking in the windows and the coffee is flowing, when there is nothing urgent to tend to and you’re with your favorite person – this is a recipe for magic in the everyday. In fact when Johnny Cash was asked his definition of paradise, he simply responded “This morning with her, having coffee.”

I’ve always wanted to do a portrait session to evoke that sentiment. I asked Will and Emily to help out, and they were the best couple for the task. They are just so natural, laid back, fun, and easy people with which to connect. Most of our 3 hours were spent chatting, laughing, and nibbling on brunch. I wanted to do something that felt effortless and honest, and I’m just so in love with how it turned out.

Emily & Will – you are beauty, inside and out. You made this session so dreamy. Thanks so much for letting me spend the afternoon with you. 



A Fine Art Breakfast in Bed Portrait Session



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