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Despite the higher temperatures for the next couple of days, Fall is alive and well in Cleveland, Ohio. Brad and Shae were the epitome of Autumn romance during their engagement session at Squire’s Castle and Edgewater State Park last Saturday. I love their sweaters and Shae’s cute green scarf! As we walked along the shore of Lake Erie, talking about our favorite TV shows and the best Cleveland food spots I couldn’t help but think, “This is what an Autumn evening is suppose to be like.” If only we had a bonfire to end the night.

You guys…If there was anything sweeter than the pleasantness of an evening with friends, it is Shae’s smile when Brad snuggles into her. Her WHOLE face lights up. Every inch of her is filled with joy. Those are the best moments (and of course, they are my favorite pictures)! I’m so grateful they invited me in to experience a little of that joy they share together.

Congratulations, Brad and Shae! I’m so glad we finally had a chance to spend some time together in our new city. I’m still looking forward to those crab legs at Boiler 65. As soon as we have a free weekend, expect a phone call. Until then, I’ll be thinking about them with great anticipation. P.S. I got a little over-excited about the beach photos, but those are my favorite.

– Kate


Shae & Brad: A Cleveland Engagement




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