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Sometimes E-sessions are a weird experience. You hang out for a couple hours, get to know each other better, share stories,  form a deeper friendship… then you don’t see them again until the wedding day approaches. Nick and Becky are getting married next Spring, so it will be 9 months before I see them again. When I begin to wish a couple were getting married sooner, I know it was a great session! That’s especially true for these two.

We photographed Nick and Becky’s session at Eden Park, where they took their prom photos in high school. I love when things come full circle. They showed me the Cincinnati Art Museum and the gazebo. We also found new areas of the park to explore. I’ll never get tired of finding new places in Ohio to photograph. Once you think you’ve seen it all, your eyes are opened to even more beauty this state has to offer. It’s kind of like a relationship… when you think you know everything there is to know about your significant other, they surprise you.

Check out Nick and Becky’s beautiful Cincinnati engagement session below!


Becky & Nick: An Eden Park Engagment




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