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It’s impossible to hang out with Tiffany and Josh, even for a few minutes, and not get swept up in their enthusiasm for life, love, and joy. The moment they greet you and Tiffany pulls you into a hug, you’ll feel 10 pounds lighter and like a part of their family. That’s just who they are. They are so good at loving people well, and when they’re together… that love multiplies. 

When I opened up about wanting to celebrate marriage by offering anniversary sessions, Tiffany jumped on board. She asked me about my heart for these sessions and we chatted a little about what committed love has meant for us. I knew this would be a special and meaningful portrait session for me, but I was surprised by how much it impacted my heart.

Right before Tiffany and Josh arrived, a storm popped up and blew through Columbus. It was a downpour. Though it only lasted a little while, I was a nervous the wet ground and muddy fields would be a problem. Tiffany and Josh weren’t phased at all. In fact, Tiffany loves the rain. Instead of seeing the storm as a hindrance, she saw a sweet surprise. She kicked off her shoes and they walked hand in hand through the tall grass, embracing each moment with joy and tenderness toward each other. This is the picture of marriage I wanted to portray. It’s not perfect. It’s not always clean and easy. Sometimes it’s messy and unexpected. It requires us to take the moments given to us and love with intention, grace, and humility. Embracing the mess is a very real part of love. I truly believe it’s the messy bits that open us up to grace and experiencing genuine beauty.

Thanks, Josh and Tiff, for allowing me to enjoy the evening with you and celebrate your relationship in this way. I adore you!  -Kate



Tiffany & Josh: A Highbanks Metropark Anniversary




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