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I was so excited when Sarah reached out for an anniversary session. Growing up just down the road from each other was such a blessing. I don’t remember a time before I called Sarah a friend. She’s part of my earliest memories. Birthday parties, kickball games, and church recitals all included this sweet girl. Now, as luck would have it, we’re living in the same part of Ohio again.

Sarah and Luke are celebrating two years of marriage this summer but, looking at their smiles, you’d think they were just married. I love capturing that joy and preserving it with pictures. Before you know it that 2 years will turn into 12 years, then 20 years. Love will be challenged and stretched. As they grow and change, they will have memories of the very beginning to hold onto and remember.

That is such a special thing.

After all, life is hard, and good, and precious, and fleeting. It’s about relationships. It’s about choosing love and holding onto it with everything you’ve got. That’s worth documenting, and I was so honored to do that for Sarah and Luke.


Sarah & Luke – An Acacia Reservation Anniversary




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