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I’ve been looking forward to this engagement session for a while. It’s so much fun to meet new friends through this photography business, but it’s a special treat to celebrate the people I already know and love. I felt like Caitlin was a kindred spirit from the moment I met her. Maybe it’s because we both love reading, or we have the same name, or maybe it’s because I’m crazy about her quick wit and humor. Whatever the case, getting to know her (and Jake through her) has been a huge source of joy to me! Now I get to join them in October to celebrate their vows to each other.

I asked Caitlin and Jake if they could give each other any gift in the world, what would they give? Jake said he would give Caitlin a library, so it’s no surprise that the Columbus Metropolitan Library is where they chose to kick off the session. We had a blast exploring this library’s gorgeous architectural details, staircases, and stacks. After the library, we headed to Goodale Park and got a few images as the sun was going down. Oh, and that incredibly cozy blanket you see below… Caitlin crocheted it in two days before the session. She’s a master at all things yarn. Go check out her online shop or follow her on Instagram @caitknitsstudio.


Caitlin and Jake




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