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1. Pictures can be used for wedding decor.

Having pictures you can use later is probably the most obvious reason for doing an engagement session. Looking for ways to spruce up your Save the Dates, wedding website, or reception decor? Your engagement session is a great opportunity to get cohesive, professional photos that will look great anywhere. What better way to make each step of your wedding really personal?

2. Practice for the wedding day.

Practice. If you are anything like me, you might be really uncomfortable in front of a camera. The only way to beat those nerves? Practice. Just do it. As your photographer guides you and gets you moving, those nerves will subside. Facing the camera on your wedding day will be a piece of cake once those nerves have melted at your engagement session.

3. Connect with your photographer.

Your wedding photographer is one of the most intimate vendors you will hire for you wedding day. He or she is there for every moment – as you put on your mom’s jewelry, when your groom sees you for the first time, or when your dad kisses your cheek before giving you away. It’s so important to establish a relationship with your photographer. They are so invested in telling your story and they do their job best when they really know you. An engagement session is a great opportunity to establish the foundation of that relationship.

4. Your photographer gets a feel for what works for you.

No two couple are the same. That’s obvious, right? If that’s true, no photographer should go into a session or a wedding day expecting the same things to work this time as they did the last. There are height differences to consider, personality dynamics, emotions, and wardrobe. These are things that are unique to each client. During your engagement session, your photographer will pick up the things that make you the couple you are. Knowing what works for you specifically makes the wedding day so much easier.

5. It’s an opportunity to be spoiled.

This is my favorite reason for engagement sessions. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times….planning a wedding is tough. It requires making hundreds of little decisions. The engagement session gives you time to connect with the one you love without thinking about color schemes, centerpieces, and schedules. It is one of my greatest joys to provide an evening all about you. For me this session is about spoiling my clients, listening to their stories, and reminding them what they have is so special. My hope is when you see the images from your engagement session, it will reignite your excitement for that beautiful day you say “I do.”


5 Benefits of an Engagement Session

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