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I joked with Katie and Ryan that their wedding was the grand finale of my wedding season. I tell you what… this wedding was even more special than I imagined it would be. From the moment I met Katie and Ryan I knew we would be a great fit. Then when they told me their celebration was a vintage literary theme in Autumn, I knew we were a match made in heaven.  Katie and Ryan’s wedding had a chill of winter in the air, but all the leaves on the trees at the Brookshire were showing off their color just for them. Reds, oranges, and golds made this wedding an Autumn wonderland. It was the perfect cozy atmosphere for a romantic literary celebration.

The chilliness also elevated the snuggles and giggles. Katie and Ryan wrapped each other up in their arms all day. Katie was also thoughtful to provide her bridesmaids with gorgeous blanket scarves which kept them warm and put this wedding off the cuteness chart.

Explore all the beautiful little plum details, the most genuine smiles I’ve ever seen, and even a surprise serenade by Katie to Ryan in the gallery below! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Leiter!!


Katie & Ryan




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