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Engagement sessions can be bittersweet. I get to meet new people. In two hours we get to know each other. We laugh, we talk, we learn each other’s quirks. When its over, we leave feeling more like friends. I won’t see these friends again until their wedding next November.

I gravitated toward Kaitlyn and Brandon right away. They are both so sweet and friendly, but spunky and funny at the same time. My favorite part about them, though, is that their love for one another is so apparent. They speak gently to one another, with tenderness and sincerity. You can tell right away how much they respect each other.

As we strolled through Defiance, the beautiful golden light shining all around us, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for my job and so excited for what’s to come for Brandon and Kaitlyn. I can’t wait to watch them exchange vows and finally become one heart in Cincinnati one year from now.


Kaitlyn & Brandon




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